Donor Stories


The Giving Heart of Grace B.
It was Spring of 1997 when Grace B. made her first donation to Northwest Assistance Ministries. It was a simple gift of $25 dollars but it was going to a good organization that was helping a lot of people. In November of that same year, Grace once again made another $25 donation to NAM. She continued to give the same amount twice a year until her death in 2017.
Grace and her family moved to Houston in 1937. She worked at Peden Iron and Steel where she met her husband. Grace and her husband enjoyed traveling around the US. She felt good about her gifts to NAM. She liked that NAM was serving homebound seniors through the Meals on Wheels program and hoped her gifts helped some of her fellow seniors.
Grace and her husband did not have any children but continued to draw joy from the charities that they supported. They never considered themselves wealthy but lived a comfortable life in the Heights neighborhood. Along with the charitable giving, Grace and her husband were savers. They wanted to be prepared for any emergency and looked forward to a retirement busy with travels and blessing others as they had been blessed.
Grace’s husband preceded her in death but she continued her support for NAM until her passing in 1997. Her generosity has now outlived them both. Prior to her death, Grace worked with an attorney to arrange the settlement of her estate. She wanted dearly to make a sizable gift to NAM and a handful of other charities that were close to her heart. In late September, 2020, NAM received a bequest gift of more than $300,000 from Grace B.’s estate. It is one of the largest estate gifts received by NAM.
Grace’s gifts were heartfelt and over the years certainly made a difference. Her commitment to supporting her fellow seniors and the work of NAM even after her passing is a testimony to her generosity and love, and is such a blessing to clients of Northwest Assistance Ministries.
Many think that their donation doesn’t make much difference but take it from Grace; every gift helps. Please consider following Grace’s heart and include Northwest Assistance Ministries or the NAM Endowment Fund in your estate plans. You too can make quite an impact.
So, in closing, thank you Grace B. Thank you from all of us at NAM.
  • Margie and Rick Crump
    Margie and Rick Crump
    For more than 30 years, Margie and Rick Crump have been investing their time, resources and creative ideas into NAM.
  • Linda and Harlan Martens
    Linda and Harlan Martens
    Linda and Harlan Martens have been involved with NAM for more than 30 years. As members of Kinsmen Lutheran Church, one of NAM's founding congregations; they saw the story of NAM come together from the very beginning.
  • Suzie and Ken Castlebury
    Suzie and Ken Castlebury
    Ken and Suzie Castlebury each grew up in a small town in the Texas Panhandle. There was always plenty of work for young people, babysitting or doing farm work. And if a neighbor needed help, the church was there to lend a hand
  • Mary Helen Chachere
    Mary Helen Chachere
    Mary Helen Chachere and her husband, Barry, had just moved back to Houston from New Orleans. Mary Helen stopped by NAM's resale store to donate some items, and the clerk suggested she come back and volunteer. So she did.
  • Jackie and Pat Riley
    Jackie and Pat Riley
    Jackie and Pat Riley have generously supported NAM for nearly three decades. It all began when Jackie started volunteering one day a week in the Assistance pro-gram at NAM, through her involvement with the Cypress Woodlands Junior Forum.
  • Donna Asbill
    Donna Asbill
    Donna and Tom Asbill had never heard of NAM. But when their friends, Joe and Linda Fowler, invited them to one of the first Jeans & Jewels galas, they graciously accepted. They enjoyed the evening, and sometime later Donna saw an article in her neighborhood newsletter about NAM's need for volunteers.
  • Dave and Lynne Anderson
    Dave and Lynne Anderson
    Dave and Lynne Anderson are passionate about NAM. And it all started one Sunday morning, 23 years ago.
  • Darlis and Tom Fuller
    Darlis and Tom Fuller
    Giving has always been a way of life for Tom and Darlis Fuller. For many years they spread their charitable gifts among numerous groups, but recently they decided to focus on a few organizations in order to make a more substantial impact.
  • Cindy and Scott Chenoweth
    Cindy and Scott Chenoweth
    Scott Chenoweth has lived in the Champions areas since he was in junior high, and brought his bride, Cindy, to the area 20 years ago. They've known about NAM for years. But it wasn't until they took a tour that they realized the full scope of services NAM provides to the community.